Wigan Today readers share their memories of Tiffany's and Maximes

Recent news that a former Wigan nightspot is to be turned into flats an a storage unit has prompted a surge of nostalgia.
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The other day we published archive photos taken from the hey-day of what was variously called Tiffany’s, Maximes and Cube on Standishgate, and they attracted a huge response from readers.

So we asked you for your own pictures and memories of this iconic venue.

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Well the pictures were few and far between, as the club largely per-dates the technology and versatility of the camera phone.

Paul Woody said that Friday nights rocked at MaximesPaul Woody said that Friday nights rocked at Maximes
Paul Woody said that Friday nights rocked at Maximes

But of recollections of those heady days there were many.

Here is a selection:

Steve Roper: "I remember when one particular week they had a competition who could drink a pint the quickest.

"On stage were five blokes and my then girlfriend and eight pints were on offer for the winner.

A picture posted by Adele Wilde from the 1980sA picture posted by Adele Wilde from the 1980s
A picture posted by Adele Wilde from the 1980s

"Yep, you’ve guessed it, she won.

"She’s now my wife and doesn’t touch a drop these days.”

Julie Reynolds nee Heesom: “Amazing memories: under-18s Sunday afternoon, walking in circles, college dos and rock night on Fridays.”

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Beverley Fitzgerald: “I went every Wednesday and Sunday to under-18s.

"Got my first glass collector job at 16 every Saturday night (and some Fridays on rock night ).

"Had the best boss, Tony Keegan. He paid for all staffs taxis to make sure we got home safe. Had my 18th party in there.

"Tony used to let me and my mates in free when we were on a night out. Some of the best years of my life spent in there.”

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Paul Woody: “I lived for Friday nights at Maximes rocking out.

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"I always hoped I could get some pictures of inside before it was ruined forever.”

Simon Chamberlain: “Regular for the soul allnighters in the late ‘80s.”

Mark Evans: “Many a wide-eyed Saturday night in there. It was a banging club with some cracking people. Good times.”

Nicola Dickson: “The UV tunnel.”

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Dave Woodcock: “Friday rock night: awesome times and memories. Cans of Red Stripe and Breaker.”

Julie Pizzey: “Remember watching the Drifters there when it was Tiffany's.”

Kathy Kirk: “I had so many good nights at Maximes. It was my fave club in Wigan when I was 18.”

James Nestor: “It will always be Tiffany's to me. Saturday night beneath the plastic palm trees.”

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Lynn Roberts: “It was Tiffany’s when I went. I loved it and scampi and chips in a basket.”

Peter Harrison: “That's the place where I went to a girl at the end of the night and asked for the slow dance.

"She said ‘no thanks, I'm not that desperate.’ I said ‘yeah but I am!’ then walked away. True story.”

Jenny Toole: “All these places that had a decent atmosphere and played decent music have all disappeared now.

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"I feel sorry for kids nowadays all they have to look forward to is moody bars with 'bottomless brunch' and somebody playing sax. Pretentious.”

Mandy Dale: “Loved Maximes. We used to walk round in circles, chewing chewy thinking we were it.”

Peter Tags: “Friday night rock was always the start of a boss weekend.

"Anyone remember Les the older doorman? He was brilliant: such a gent with the ladies and a good laugh too. A proper nice bloke and yet stood for no nonsense.”

Doreen Whittle: “Met my husband there in 1977 when it was Tiffany's. Still together after 45 years. Had some great nights there.”

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